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UPS 10000VA 19″ mountable


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◆ LCD Rack Mounting High frequency online UPS 6K 10KVA

◆ DSP digital control,double conversion,Zero transfer time

◆ Single phase sine wave, output PF 0.8/0.9

◆ LCD display rotatable, To meet rack mounting / tower convertor requirement

◆ Self-testing, ECO function and adjustable VAC and HZ by panel

◆ Advanced Input PFC technology, 0.99

◆ Wide input voltage range, input Frequency 40-60HZ,support Generator

◆ Advanced battery management function,charging while UPS off mode

◆ Lightning and surge protection, Short circuit and overload protection

◆ RS232 or USB communication with monitoring software

◆ SNMP, EPO option, Rack mounting and Tower convertor Option

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